OVER20 builds a unique culture that enables each and every working member to achieve self-fulfillment and organizational growth toward our mission of "changing the world in our 20's".

Cutting-edge work culture that promotes the growth of autonomous human resources while nurturing EQ

Because OVER20 values EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) as much as IQ, we have built a communication culture that focuses on the background of 20mate's thinking and emotions, rather than values, thinking, and communication based on experience, and that accepts and develops multifaceted thinking.

In addition, we have established a system and environment for autonomous growth and high productivity as an organization, such as the member-led "20mate Spring Rally" held every month, the "Plan Proposal Meeting" for managers, and feed-forward evaluation based on the "OVER20 Autonomous 17 Index," as well as satisfactory rewards for members who are growing autonomously. We have built a simple yet bold work culture to increase productivity.

Virtual Office "Space Battleship Z"

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Since the coronavirus infection (COVID-19) spread in 2020, we have eliminated the office attendance system and transitioned to a work system in our "Space Battleship Z" virtual office.


The idea for the virtual office was brought to us by 20mate, who lives in the UK, and the Space Battleship Z was built by Team Community Manager. In this way, our company flexibly and quickly incorporates the ideas and values of the next generation, including 20mate, to create the world's most vibrant organization for the next generation to enjoy "working".


Michiru / Team Community Manager

OVER20&Company. has created "Space Battleship Z," a community office for 20-somethings around the world to connect, exchange ideas, make friends, and learn from each other. Space Battleship Z is an open office that is open not only to 20mates working at OVER20, but also to partners, stakeholders, and users of the mentoring service.


We look forward to the day when we can meet you here, somewhere in the world. Space Battleship Z will continue to be upgraded, so look forward to seeing you there, too!

Elimination of attendance system

Remote work basis, allowing you to work wherever you want

job-based work

All members will challenge the "results-oriented" approach, not the time-oriented approach, to further improve productivity.

Autonomous 17 indicators

OVER20 focuses not only on its own value criteria, but also on increasing the value of 20mate in the labor market!

Elimination of vacation provisions

Promote work-life integration among members by eliminating the prior declaration system for vacation requests and eliminating restrictions on the number of vacation days.

First name

Communication creates a flat and open environment, innovative ideas are born!

Get to know the 20mate who actually works there.


Ayana Koimaru / Assistant

What kind of person is an assistant?


Because I am the closest person to the president, I want to be conscious of not only helping him but also taking care of his emotional needs. A presence that makes it easy to listen to the president's concerns. Since the person who stands at the top is not above him or her, I wanted to be a role that provides a little emotional support. The business part is of course important, but trust is also necessary, so I want to do this with care.


Ryota Hano / Sales Promoter

Were there any gaps before and after you joined the company?


I thought it was a strange company, but now that I have joined it, I realize that it is still a strange company.

The fact that we don't have an office and operate fully remotely, the fact that communication is done virtually, and the fact that we offer monthly "self-branding sessions" where we receive additional compensation.

Before joining the company, I had the image of working in a tightly defined environment, but after working here, I am happy to find that it is quite free and I can operate freely on my own as long as I produce results. In addition, many of my colleagues are members who are looking to the future, and I am inspired by them every day.


Anna Feher / Global Community Manager

How do you like working at OVER20?


I decided to work at OVER20 because I wanted to work in an innovative environment and with people who wanted to make a difference.

It is an extremely rewarding job. I receive a lot of support and positive information sharing from my colleagues and the atmosphere is great. It is very motivating to work with very motivated and kind people.