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Human Resource Emergence Strategies Using MENTOR WORKOUT Also Enhance Organizational Sustainability

Professional mentors trained in EQ-type management create personal growth and generate a lot of productivity and innovative change in the organization.

Improve productivity of the entire organization by simultaneously developing autonomous human resources and human resource emergence strategies

As competition in the business world intensifies, what is essential for survival in the next 10 years is how to prepare the ground for innovation and acquire new values as a valuable source of information. We believe that we have valuable hints for you.


The Mentor Workout fosters autonomy for employees in their 20s, and the Feedback Report enables them to provide innovative information value. Used in combination, it is a powerful tool for the organizational and human resource emergence strategies necessary for corporate growth.

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Do we foster the culture of the organization, or do we use quick-acting deleterious drugs to get by for a time?

Which is the best option for your company five years from now: to fire up the middle class in line with the change, or to leave things as they are?

There are two main types of human resource development strategies that can be implemented through mentor workouts. The lion type involves multiple rounds of bottom-up and talent generation strategy development in a short period of time, while the zebra type involves a single round of bottom-up or talent generation strategy development.

Let's take an example and divide the two types according to their results.

<Lion Type

Increase in corporate productivity through the creation of autonomous human resources

Reduction of labor cost/opportunity loss by reducing turnover

Mentor workout method transplantation to increase corporate productivity

See examples of Lion-type human resource creation


<Zebra type

Motivation follow-up for personnel evaluation system changes

Employee Engagement Analysis

See examples of zebra type human resource development

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Rika Ishido is the CEO of OVER20&Company. but also serves as a corporate mentor and project leader for Customer Success.


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