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Companies with Work Environment Challenges Successfully Improve Retention Rates with MENTOR WORKOUT

In the organizational structure of a domestic apparel company, where employees are not treated well, we improved the retention rate by conducting research and analysis through mentor workouts and by providing autonomous training to employees.

How can companies that lack confidence in their compensation packages improve retention while maintaining employee motivation and productivity?

Project Background

One of the leading apparel companies in Japan was taking all kinds of measures and solutions to reduce costs due to the turnover of young employees. This company had been struggling with turnover for some time and had invested a great deal of money in a variety of measures, which were tried and tested.


The project team first conducted a series of depth interviews with internal personnel, primarily younger workers, to fully understand the factors that inhibit retention, the cost-effectiveness of turnover, the dynamics of the recruitment and training teams, and the corporate vision. Furthermore, by utilizing the large amount of data obtained from young employees, from new graduates to those in their third year of employment, we analyzed the client company's internal policies and formulated an action plan for organizational reform, primarily aimed at improving the retention of young employees, which was the objective of this project. We then initiated the creation of human resources through professional mentors in order to establish an autonomous mindset (human resources who can achieve self-realization without being influenced by external factors) among young employees who had been experiencing persistent turnover.

The team's argument was that the precise understanding of the points necessary to create an organizational structure that would allow not only the current young talent, but also the next generation of talent to flourish, indicated that many of the various systems had become a skeleton, leading to the exhaustion of front-line employees.

Project Results

The client company implemented the action plan in accordance with the project team's recommendations, and within a short period of time, the client company cleared the feedback evaluation from its younger personnel. In addition, the retention rate of employees in their third year of employment, who were trained by professional mentors, was reduced by 10% compared to previous years. Furthermore, the client company has positioned its next-generation growth support initiatives as a foundation for growth, evaluating the retention of autonomous thinking among young human resources and having them focus on new business and hiring.

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Rika Ishido, CEO of OVER20&Company. served as the project leader. The project had a total of seven members, including partners and assistants, and the mission was accomplished in about one year as originally planned.


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