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Our mission is to "empower 20-somethings through connection and communication." We create and provide an environment where 20-somethings can be active, and the source of our mission is the success of 20-mates, who are the very value of our brand.

It is because of their successes that we continue to grow.

We are looking for members who are willing to go on a grand and never-ending journey with us to "change the world, starting in their 20s.


OVER20 is looking for talented individuals who can support the growth of 20-somethings.


Although we are a startup that has just begun, we have a solid track record of know-how and achievements in supporting the growth of people in their 20s and fostering a culture.


Our mission is to support behind the scenes the 20-somethings who are changing the world.

The 20mates who work here are the 20s who will change the world, and we clearly demand skills and output from our 20mates.


Because it is an environment where one's own results are strongly demanded, there are great opportunities for personal growth.


And when you become a member of OVER20, you will be exposed to the thinking and logic of our team members, allowing you to make your own significant contribution to the development of the next generation of growth support.

Recruitment & Events

OVER20 is currently actively recruiting. Please be advised that due to the new coronavirus (COVID-19), all events and interviews will be conducted online. Please check "Available Positions" for available positions.

Lump-sum recruitment of new graduates and mid-career workers

At OVER20, our selection process emphasizes a person's potential. (Recruitment methods vary depending on the type of job, such as system development.)

We do not have a narrowly focused recruitment process, and anyone between the ages of 18 and 29 is welcome to apply.

First, please send us your personal PR sheet (any format). A recruiter will contact you shortly. 

Professional Mentor Stories

About Us

We are the first professional mentoring firm in Japan that has reproduced the mentoring know-how that has been used and developed in the U.S. since the 1970s in a Japanese style. In particular, we have succeeded in developing and building a unique mentoring method, "OVER20 INITIATIVE," to unlock the potential of 20-somethings, who hold the key to Japan's revival. It is currently being developed as a toB service.

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