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Black box projects in companies looking for their next main axis of business

Example of supporting new business creation through depth interviews (insight surveys) with young employees of a major global manufacturer that is growing in a core business that supports the company.

Project Background

Our partner company is a major global manufacturer that leads the relevant industry in the world market. The company's mid- to long-term vision for human resource development led to the decision, as a first step, to implement an in-house self-directed career dock as a project under the direct supervision of the company president. The Self-Career Doc was designed to increase employee motivation, prevent young employees from leaving the company early, and create new business opportunities.


The project team provided training to upgrade the skills of in-house career consultants who actually perform the Self-Career Assessment. The project team also joined the project team to assist in various aspects necessary for the system, including the formulation of evaluation criteria for consultants as an advisor.

In addition, the project team provided depth interviews and conducted insight surveys of young employees (22-29 years old) belonging to Holdings for the purpose of creating new businesses.

Project Results

From the output of the Insight Survey, the partners were able to plan how to move ideas for new businesses that would be the next core business from the team and bottom up to senior management. The survey also helped us identify the causes of early turnover among younger employees, and we began working with the human resources department.

An implementation plan for the internal Self-Career Doc has been finalized and will begin operating in the next fiscal year. The project team is currently (as of January 2021) preparing for the launch of the program by ensuring the quality of the in-house consultants and checking for any deficiencies in the coordination between the various departments.


Keiko, Corporate Business Mentoring Director and Partner Professional Mentor, served as the project leader. The project was staffed by two members, a partner and an assistant.


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