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MENTOR WORKOUT's Surprising Results in Human Resource Emergence

One-on-one sessions with a professional mentor trained in EQ-type management can create a lot of productivity and innovative change for individuals.

For human resources in the age of 100 years of life, from a "group" to an "individual" perspective

As the importance and urgency of reviewing human resource development strategies in response to rapid changes in the business environment increases for organizations, the role required of HR and department managers is expected to grow even larger in the future. Among these, the development of a working environment that makes the most of "individuals" is considered to be a challenging and important task. There are two important points to realize this goal.



The first is to take a comprehensive approach to the career of each individual, including his/her "private life. In the past, life courses were simple, and once a person joined a company, he or she had a "role model" boss, making it easy to envision what he or she would be doing 10 years from now. Also, in the area of personal life, it was not the norm for women today to have a wide variety of life courses to choose from, such as DINKs, DEWKs, full-time housewives, dual-earners, and lifelong singles. Today, for both men and women, private life choices are inseparable from the consideration of "work. In this era, HR and department managers are required to understand and support employees' entire careers, including their "private" lives.



The second is to link corporate growth with personal growth. In today's rapidly changing times, it is said that individuals' desire for self-development and growth is on the rise. Such self-development and the availability of "Yoko" information (development of social networking services) that leads to easy interest in other companies cannot be prevented. However, the acquisition of information that leads to this desire to grow and innovate can also be used to grow using your own company. By providing a place where employees can think objectively, they will show growth in line with corporate growth.

Private life is the key to making the most of the individual.

So what does it take for HR and department managers to make the most of "individuals"?



The answer is the introduction of a "personnel system that links individual and corporate growth," as exemplified by the Self-Career Checkup promoted by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (however, the Self-Career Checkup has not become widespread due to the lack of practical skills training for career consultants after obtaining qualifications).

By introducing a tool that approaches not only the work of each employee but also his/her "private life," it will be possible to successfully implement a personnel system that links the "individual" with the growth of the company. This will naturally help employees grow into "autonomous employees. This approach can only be realized by an independent and impartial third party, not by a person from the company side.


Cultivate highly productive human resources for the 100-year life era by guiding "individuals" including their "private life" to become autonomous.

Increase the value of employees in their 20s in the labor market with our unique know-how

So far, we have described our approach to making the most of "individuals" based on the key points, and our "MENTOR WORKOUT" can train them to become autonomous human resources in the age of 100 years of life.


MENTOR WORKOUT is a project specialized in human resource creation to streamline the work of HR and department managers and maximize results. As it is believed that external assistance makes a person weak, it is the spirit of helping oneself that inspires a person to help others. Therefore, one-on-one sessions with a professional mentor will cultivate a mindset that allows the client to act spontaneously on his/her own, rather than a helping hand that makes the client lose his/her sense of independence. This is the method we have developed so far, inspired by counseling in the United States.

In addition to this method, one-on-one training space will enable us to lead the target employees to become autonomous employees.

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Three points that lead to autonomous human resources

State-of-the-art training that "ensures" increased productivity of young people

Mentor Workout's projects for Millennials and Generation Z, who are focused on personal growth, are a differentiator when selecting a company.

In addition, one of the reasons why Mentor Workout has been favored by 20-somethings is that it ensures growth (in mindset and behavior).

Mindset from other-blame to self-blame

By practicing the discipline of not intuition or rationality, but rather the discipline of seeing things in the big picture and accumulating experience in thinking about how things will turn out in the long run, you will be able to respond to any challenge by making yourself think and understand the situation from as broad a perspective as possible.

Feedback reports with insights

40.4% of young employees*1 have information that they only talk about in an external environment that is not communicated to their supervisors or inside the company. We provide companies with reports of valuable information that only professional mentors who reach out for insight can reveal.

Reports by Professional Mentors, who are well versed in the latest HR trends, enable feedback on organizational conditions and visualize the good and the bad. The reports can be checked as data, providing powerful hints for organizational and human resource management.

*1 2018 OVER20&Company. 20s Career Survey (n=300)

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Rika Ishido is the CEO of OVER20&Company. but also serves as a corporate mentor and project leader for Customer Success.


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