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The birth of a service that connects people in their 20s from around the world who are determined an

OVER20&Company. Inc. provides a free online place for 20-somethings around the world to connect, exchange ideas, make friends, and learn from each other.

What kind of people are the users?

The target audience for this community is "20-somethings from around the world who want to grow and think globally" and who want to make an impact on society.

Foreigners in their 20s who want to work in Japan in the future

Japanese in their 20s who want to work overseas in the future.

What services are available?

There are communities where people can share various experiences ranging from sharing each other's hobbies, learning, discussing politics to learning about the world. In addition, seminars and events of interest to participants are held on a regular basis.

Past Event Reports

The first event, "About Work Culture in Japan"

The event received over 1,900 hits in three days, with participants in their 20s from a wide range of countries and regions including the U.S., U.K., Australia, and Bangladesh.

Second Event

A panel discussion was held on "Women's Leadership in Japan. Ms. Miki Tsukada, founder of b-monster, who took the world by storm with her dark fitness, and Ms. Sayuri Terasawa, Chairperson of the Nagano Prefectural City Council, were among the notable women who exchanged opinions on the theme.

Introducing active 20-somethings through video

You can get in touch with the values, success, and happiness of 20-somethings from around the world and their way of thinking and culture.


Welcome to OT Community

I'm Anna Fehr, Global Community Manager at OVER20&Co. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all. At OVER20&Co., we launched the OT Community as a platform for young people to gain insight, advice and opportunities to become employed in Japan, and to connect with like-minded people. We're just getting started, so we're very excited to have you on this journey and want to help you in any way we can. Feel free to use this as a space to connect, ask questions, and make friends. (To learn more about Anna's experience, please visit this page:

How to participate

Eligibility: Any nationality can participate as long as they are in their 20s

Participation fee: Free

Join the community:

There are some paid contents such as the use of mentors.

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