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Empowering 20s through connection and communication to create a world where everyone can thrive and shine.

 OVER20's MISSION is to "empower people in their 20s through connection and communication

The goal is "to realize a world where people can live in harmony with their environment. We believe that diversity is what drives society forward. We believe that a society in which the opinions of people in their 20's are fully reflected is a society that is closest to diversity.


 Why 20s? Because 20's is the age when you can involve all generations the most. The "I'm not sure I can do this," he said. If the youngest members of society in their 20s are active, they will say, "I can't lose! I want to grow that circle together!" "I want to make up for what they lack!" and find themselves caught up in the circle. After they retire, they will watch the energy of the young people with a smile on their face. When I see young people working hard, I want to cheer them on. The generation of working adults who possess the unlimited potential of "youth" is the 20s.


 We see the 20s as a generation that creates new values for the times and evolves flexibly. This is true for services that utilize DX and AI, as well as for social issues such as the SDGs and LGBTQ. A society where values are shared by 20s is a society where diverse people, including other generations, can easily communicate and be taken into consideration. This is why there is a need for the empowerment of 20somethings.


 Today's 20-somethings tend to wander around, not knowing who they are, and are delusional about influencers on social networking sites. OVER20 provides them with connections (communication) as a foundation for accepting their existence, empowering themselves, encouraging them to take on challenges, and allowing them to feed off their failures.

 Who are you, what do you want, and what do you want to become? Having a mentor to accompany you will make your 20s shine. Our CORE IDENTITY is "Empowerment of 20-somethings. This is a generation that is flexible and open to new services and values, has few stereotypes, and is rich in ideas. In a society where their opinions are heard and heard properly, they will be able to engage in lively discussions that transcend generation, gender, career, and nationality more than any other generation. When their "insights" are unleashed, society will be more diverse, imaginative, and full of life.


 We "empower" (reveal) the potential and insight of 20-somethings through "communication" and "connection. By providing a space where people are accepted for who they are, where mistakes are tolerated, where communication encourages challenges, and where people can talk about anything more than family members, we provide services that give people the courage to verbalize what they "want to do and be" and take the first step forward. In a society where people can envision what they want to be, the power of 20-somethings will bring those around them into the fold.


 So far, I have explained our VISION and the MISSION to achieve it. From here, we will consider the process of moving toward our VISION in more detail.

 We will take a four-pronged approach: Business, Customer, Social, and Government.


 In the Business Business segment, we will provide support by building the organizational climate and structure necessary for the sustainable empowerment of 20-somethings through the MENTOR WORKOUT program.

 Our "MENTOR WORKOUT" enables the development of autonomous human resources in the age of 100 years of life.


 MENTOR WORKOUT is a project specialized in human resource creation to streamline the work of HR and department managers and maximize results. As it is believed that external assistance makes a person weak, it is the spirit of helping oneself that inspires a person to help others. Therefore, one-on-one sessions with a professional mentor will cultivate a mindset that allows the client to act spontaneously on his or her own, rather than a helping hand that makes the client lose his or her sense of independence. This is the method we have developed so far, inspired by counseling in the United States.

 In addition to this method, one-on-one training space will enable us to lead the target employees to become autonomous employees.


 In the Customer business, we will expand support for students, mainly before they enter the workforce, to verbalize their own axis.


 In the Society / Government business, we will use lectures, seminars, discussion events, and reports to provide opportunities for teens, parents, minorities, investors, and politicians around the world to communicate and discuss the arguments of 20-somethings, thereby expanding the 20-something community.

 The reason why the Society/Government project is necessary is that the future that OVER20 envisions will require not only the power of individual 20-somethings and changes in organizations, but also references to the state of compulsory education, employment-related laws, and attitudes toward government.

The World Beyond the Vision

New ideas to make the world a better place and A world where innovation springs forth
A world where people connect with each other with their hearts.

A peaceful world without conflict

The novel ideas and passions that lie dormant within 20-somethings are insights that will contribute to the development of the world.

Instead of waiting for one genius to change the world like Steve Jobs, we will contribute to the blossoming of all talents and the development of the world by giving shape to the insights that lie dormant in many people.

In today's world of diverse lifestyles, there are an increasing number of "orphans" such as LGBTQ, single elderly, single mothers and fathers, parentless children, and adults who do not choose to get married.

The next generation is seeking "human connection" because of the digital normal. The 20's will lead the way to a world where no one feels alone and where people are connected with their hearts.

Those in their 20s who can think of others and act hand in hand with their neighbors. By working hand in hand to build a society in which these 20-somethings can play an active role, we will create a peaceful world with zero grieving victims of war and no conflict.

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For every child A world of equal opportunities for growth


A world where young people have hope for the future and can talk about their dreams.


A world of hope for the next generation

Children are the world's treasures.

Young leaders create a world where every child has access to quality education, life, and opportunity.

Did you know? The number of young people who are choosing "death" (future stagnation) because they do not see any light in the future is increasing.

The world where they, the next generation, have hope for the future and change the future is surely a wonderful place full of love.

Declining birth rates, high suicide rates, racism ......

Is this the kind of world we want to protect?

If we work together to create a world where children have hope and pride in becoming adults, it will be the world full of vibrant people we have been waiting for.

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