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What you need to understand to avoid letting male maternity leave become a formality

Thinking through the government's true objectives and the next generation career perspective

With the enforcement of the revised Child Care and Family Care Leave Law in April next year, the work-life balance of male employees will undergo a major change. However, if we don't build a system that reflects future predictions and the values of the next generation, we will lose a lot of money in terms of hiring, increasing the ratio of female managers, and retaining employees in their 20s and 30s. This is why the recent changes to the male childcare leave system are so significant for Japanese companies going forward. This seminar will be of great help to HR professionals who are considering implementing a male childcare leave system, as well as those who have already begun to promote male childcare leave within their companies. We look forward to your participation.


December 1, 2021 (Wed.) 14:00-15:00, December 8, 2021 (Wed.) 15:00-16:00

Limited to 10 companies per date

Course fee

10,000 yen per company (tax included) Any number of participants per company


Rika Ishido, President and CEO, OVER20&Company.

President and CEO, Rika Ishido

As a consultant specializing in people in their 20s, Rika Ishido has been providing growth support for people in their 20s to a wide range of executives and managers from small and medium-sized companies to listed companies since 2017. Her methods have attracted attention and have been featured in many media.


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