Takahiro Yamada

Sales promoter ,Tokyo

Human Resource Development

Takahiro joined OVER20 as a sales promoter for new business that supports the work-life balance of the working generation.


I think what I did accomplish was to take the college entrance exam.

I was pretty dumb and failed every college I applied to when I was in school. In terms of deviation, I was not even 40.

It was only natural. However, I still felt frustrated.

After graduating from high school, I worked part-time at night and lived a life of debauchery, but there were two things that made me decide to take the entrance exam again. One was his father. My father, a graduate of Waseda University, always had the right opinion in the family. He was always right in his opinions because he was the smartest person in the family. Because of the frustration of not being able to argue with him, he decided that he wanted to have the same level of education as his father, and set his sights on Keio University. The second reason was that I regretted my life. Until then, I had been unable to continue with any of my cram school, club activities, or lessons, and if things got too hard, I would run away. At first, I enjoyed running away. I felt a sense of superiority because I was doing what I loved while everyone around me was having a hard time.

However, when I graduated from high school and looked back on my life, I felt an uncontrollable sense of loneliness and emptiness.

He decided to study because he felt he had to accomplish something. In the beginning, I struggled to get to my desk, but eventually I was able to pass the exam.

To others, it may not seem like much, but for me, it was the first time I had accomplished something.

Why I choose OVER20

In the seminar, he is studying public administration. Personally, I find philosophy, ethics, and sociological stuff more interesting. The reason why I am majoring in public administration, then, is because I wanted to learn their point of view. They are often irrational in their behavior as seen through the media. But there are two sides to things. I came to the conclusion that they may be acting for structural reasons, and that is why I majored in my current seminar.

After all, as I thought, it was a structural problem, but it is a very difficult one to solve. Especially in the case of the work-life balance issue, it is a problem that they themselves are facing, which they are asking society to solve.


As I learned more about the current state of government, I was thinking about how to solve these problems, and that is when I came across OVER20.

At first glance, the phrase "change the world, starting in your 20s" could be seen as a statement of supremacy for those in their 20s.

I was one of those people. However, this is not the kind of thought that is embodied in OVER20.

The ultimate goal is to solve all social problems.

I would be happy if I could help create a world in which all people can live vibrantly and shine.

Life outside of work

I like useless discussions. Which tastes better, milk or coke, etc.

Cashless payment campaigns. Looking at credit card certificates.

Reading the newspaper in the morning with a cup of coffee and getting drunk with myself.

My favorite books are "Night and Fog" and "Silence.

Favorite philosophers are Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Michel Foucault.

Keio University

Department of Political Science, Faculty of Law

English, Japanese