Ryota Hano

Sales promoter ,Osaka

Human Resource Development

Ryota is a sales promoter for a mentoring service that supports the work-life balance of the working generation.


What I have accomplished is high school baseball.

To be honest, I was terrible at baseball. I entered high school just longing for the dream stage of "Koshien" (the National High School Baseball Championship).

Every day I would get covered in mud and eat the ball. I was often scolded by the coach and the captain, but I still worked hard every day to make it to "Koshien. Although I was not very good at it, I did it in a sweaty, muddy way. These days passed, and in the spring of my junior year of high school. I broke my leg in practice. I didn't know if I would be able to make it to the last tournament of the summer.

What would I do if I couldn't make it in time for the summer? I thought about that every day. But nothing would ever get done with such thoughts. With that in mind, I did what I could do. I was vocal. Refereeing.

Picking up the ball. Perhaps because of the accumulation of these virtues, I managed to make it to the summer tournament.

I played in the games as a defensive backstop and sometimes came on as a substitute.

The team finished in second place, one step away from the Koshien tournament, but I think I contributed indirectly to the team's victory as the team's mood-maker.

Even now, the mentality that I developed during this time is still in use.

Why I choose OVER20

The reason is that my vision of the world and OVER20's MISSION "From your 20s, change the world" match.

I also want to "change the world! I felt a strong sense of empathy with this desire.

That is why I am so passionate about even a single sales call.

That's how much I like the world this company aims to create.

Perceived social challenges

I feel that although we are rich in material things, we are not rich in spirit.

I think that is why there is no end to the number of young people who take their own lives. I want to end such a world.

I want to make the world a more exciting place. That is all I wish for now.

Myself in 5 years

Until I met OVER20, I had chosen to "start a business" and planned to establish a corporation in five years, but after meeting OVER20, I thought it would be nice to find a job. So it is difficult to say who I will be in 5 years, but I definitely think I will be a top salesperson.

Or a manager. I think it will be one or the other. Sorry for being so cocky.

My Motivation

Motivation is non-existent in my work, and as long as I am at OVER20, I am working with professionalism. That is why I have decided not to call myself a "student" at all.

I do what I have to do as a professional sales promoter.

My motivation in life is food. Anyway, being able to eat good food is what makes my life worth living. That is why I love sweets.

Dream job

Management is my dream job. The people I work with change the world. I want to make the world such a place. I think any means to change the world is fine. However, I want to manage those shining people. Ultimately, I would like to be centered in the entertainment industry.

Work Mission

Professionalism. As long as I am in the company organization, I carry the company on my shoulders, so I do everything with a sense of "professionalism. I will sign a contract because I am a student. I am on a mission to work with an awareness of being a "professional. 

My Leadership

There is leadership that pulls like a mood maker.

When people succeed, we rejoice together, and when people fail, we think together about why they failed and how we can make it work. I believe I am such a leader.