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Women In Leadership

Join us for a one-hour panel discussion on the state of women's leadership in Japan today. This event will be held in Japanese.

About the event

Sayuri Terasawa, a member of the Nagano City Council, Miki Tsukada, the founder of b-monster Inc. and Rika Ishido, the founder and CEO of OVER20&Company. will share their experiences and opinions about their careers and social issues. This event will be held in Japanese, and all levels of Japanese are welcome to attend.

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Sayuri Terasawa

Born in Niigata in 1968.

With a mission to create a Nagano City where everyone can maximize their potential and where every citizen is valued, she has served as Chairperson of the General Affairs Committee and Audit Committee of the Nagano City Council, and is currently the Chairperson of the Nagano City Council.

Miki Tsukada

Born in Tokyo in 1993.

Miki Tsukada was born in Tokyo in 1993, and after encountering dark boxing on a trip to New York City, she and her sister conceived a business plan on the flight home. In 2021, she stepped down as CEO of b-monster and is now taking on a variety of projects and career challenges.

Rika Ishido

Born in Kobe in 1993.

While a student at Yokohama National University, she felt uncomfortable with the current social structure and the limitations of performance of people after graduating from high school and college, and decided to start her own business. As the representative of OVER20&Company, I am working to improve the performance of people in their 20s by releasing their potential and giving it back to society, and in turn, to realize a society where everyone can be active and vibrant.

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Anna Feher

Born in Hungary in 2000.

Anna Feher was born in Hungary in 2000 and became the OVER20 Global Community Manager while studying at Cambridge University. She is a Hungarian twentymate who is also a member of the national field field hockey team and speaks German and English fluently.

Date, Time and Outline

Date and time: November 21, 2021 18:30-19:30

Online Event

20-somethings (from Japan and abroad)

Participation fee: Free

The event will be held within the OVER20 global community, so you will need to sign up for the community (free of charge).

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