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Why you can't miss EQ management if you are learning coaching now

In the course of providing mentor workouts for 20-somethings, OVER20&Company. feels the limitations of "coaching" and the possibilities of "EQ-type management" will be shared. In this new era of "the collapse of the lifetime employment system," "the limits of the social security system," and "the era of 100 years of life," we have to make the right choices from among a lot of new information and live as our own company. In this session, I will share with you what we know about the communication management that will be necessary in the future because we have been providing value to the new generation of people in their 20s.

Why EQ Management is the best way to learn coaching now

OVER20&Company. which has been providing one-on-one skill development interviews called "MENTOR WORKOUT" for 3 years since its establishment, specializing in the 20-somethings of listed companies and J-Leaguers.

This is a great way to get to know the people you work with.

Supervisors who are in charge of 1-on-1

Those in charge of companies that have introduced an internal mentoring system

Those who are active as internal mentors, external mentors, coaches, counselors, or mentors

People in charge of new employee training/young employee training

Supervisors and team leaders who have Millennials and Gen Z as subordinates

Those who are about to learn coaching

Those who feel the limitations of coaching

Those who want to motivate their members

Those who feel that they are not getting their members to speak their mind

People who feel stressed because some of their subordinates are getting results while others just can't change and feel limited

Those who want to listen carefully in a small space.


1. coaching and Japanese people and their limitations

2. EQ-based management and how to implement it in the future

3. actual results of EQ-based communication methods

4. small group consultation


Keiko (Partner, Professional Mentor)

A nationally certified career consultant, Keiko has been practicing mentoring (including coaching and counseling) in Japan since 1988 in order to spread the mentoring know-how adopted by American companies since the 1970s. In 2018, he became the head of corporate mentoring at OVER20&Company. In 2018, he became the head of corporate mentoring at OVER20 & Company. He is a professional mentor for the company's MENTOR WORKOUT service.

Event Summary

Date: Friday, December 17, 19:30 - 20:30

Participation Fee: 3,000 yen

Format: Online event

Limited to a few

Please cooperate with the camera "ON" during the consultation.

【How to participate

Online Streaming (Zoom)

You will receive a URL to your registered email address after registration.

Please note the following

There will be two-way communication in the seminar. The seminar will involve two-way communication, so please attend with the camera "on" and in an environment where you can talk.

The URL for the event will be sent to the email address you enter after registration.

We will send you the URL to join the event on the day of the event to the email address you entered after registration. ・Zoom will be used for this event, so please join with a stable wi-fi environment on the day of the event.

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