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20's EYEs on the invasion of Ukraine -We Stand for Peace

Message report by Anna (UK), Global Community Manager, who is currently building a community to connect 20-somethings around the world.

The Russian-Ukrainian crisis is the largest military conflict in Europe since World War II. Without careful diplomacy, it will very likely escalate into World War III, with hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees arriving on the EU's eastern border, many of whom have chosen to stay and fight, or have fled. It is incredibly sad to leave a time of peace behind, especially after the world united recently to defeat the coronavirus pandemic. In this article I would like to briefly explain what is happening and how we can help the people of Ukraine and restore peace.

We can say that this conflict started in the 90's when the Soviet Union collapsed. Many of the Eastern blocs that had previously been allied with Moscow in the Warsaw Pact shifted to the West, and many joined the EU and NATO. As a result, Russia lost much of its influence and its ability to defend itself in the event of a conflict. Ukraine remained under the influence of a mostly pro-Russian president until February 2014, when his government was toppled in a pro-EU, pro-Western revolution. This prompted Russia to go on the offensive, invading parts of eastern Ukraine and seizing the Crimean peninsula under the guise of historical claims and protection of ethnic Russians.

What has now prompted the full invasion of Ukraine is probably the election of the current president, Volodymyr Zelensky, in 2019, who has since openly talked about opening the country to the West, with plans to join the EU and NATO. This means that in the event of a conflict, Russia would not only lose another ally, but also access to Ukraine's vast resources. The main goal of this aggression is to topple Ukraine's pro-EU leadership and establish a puppet government that will protect the Kremlin's interests. As a result of these self-serving goals, millions of innocent Ukrainians who have lived under the horrors of Russian rule for most of their history, but have risen as a sovereign nation and established a democratic government, will once again face war.

The EU, the UN, and NATO are seeking a diplomatic solution to this conflict, as well as providing financial support to the Ukrainian military and equipment for its defense. In addition, the largest sanctions ever imposed on Russia are expected to paralyze its economy and cut off its ability to finance this conflict. Many countries have waived visas for Ukrainian refugees to help them escape.

At OVER20&Company. we believe that a peaceful and united world is the only way forward, and our mission of "changing the world in our 20s" means that we must come together to achieve a more peaceful world. That is why many of our staff will be giving 10% of their salaries to help Ukraine and its refugees in this terrible crisis. If you agree with our mission, please click on the link below and make a donation to help those who need it the most right now.


Anna Feher / Global Community Manager

Joining OVER20, Anna is the Global Community Manager for OT community, OVER20's first global community site for young people who want to make their mark on the world.

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