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What skills are Japanese companies looking for in foreign personnel?

December 18, 18:00 - 19:00 (JST)

OT Community

What kind of skills and experience are Japanese companies looking for when hiring non-Japanese personnel?

In order to give a clear picture to those in their 20s who are globally-minded and interested in working in Japan, I will introduce the traditions and customs of the application process from job advertisement to interview, as well as other characteristics of job hunting in Japan.

Questions that foreign job hunters often have

Differences in cultural sensitivity. What do they expect from people from other cultures? Should I fully incorporate Japanese cultural elements, or should I retain some of my own culture to be unique?

Unwritten rules and expectations? Should you arrive early? Should you be over-prepared? Should you follow up if there is no response?

What characteristics are most important? Grades, experience, language, adaptability, personality, knowledge of Japanese culture, etc.


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