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Decided to implement "Next Innovation (Workstyle) '21", a future internal reform centered on "elimin

OVER20 & Company. Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Rika Ishido, hereinafter "20 & C") has made it possible for excellent employees to control their own lives more than ever as a next-generation work style. We will carry out a work style. Today, we would like to announce the circumstances leading up to this decision and future developments.

■ Overview of 20 & C work style

Since 2020, 20 & C has been implementing "Next Innovation," which is the implementation of internal reforms for the future. (Reference article: Decided to implement "Next Innovation (Work Style)", a future internal reform centered on "free working hours")

The target of "Next Innovation" this time is the work style.

20 & C positions productivity improvement at the core of its management strategy, and has set "autonomous human resources" as its value. "Autonomous human resources" aims to be human resources in which each member achieves self-actualization by involving the organization and environment without depending on the organization and environment.

In addition, our CEO has responded to this project.

Now that it has become clear that what is required of us is "creative" power through the introduction of IT for simple work, we want each and every employee to spend more fruitful time through the life of life inclusion. Under such circumstances, I came across "Management by context (condition) rather than control (rule)" advocated by Leslie Kilgore. The measures taken in "Next Innovation" embody them. As a member, Twentymate, I expect further performance with the flexibility and creativity cultivated in a fruitful life.

■ Purpose of "Next Innovation"

At our company, by implementing new measures for the training culture of "autonomous human resources", all members will challenge "performance-based" instead of time-based, aiming for further improvement of productivity, and that By analyzing and disclosing the trajectory, we aim to give back to corporate clients.

"Next Innovation (Work Style) '21"

1. Abolition of vacation rules

Since September 2021, "Do not manage vacations for Twentymates (members)". We will implement a system based on the abolition of the advance declaration system for leave applications and the abolition of the limit on the number of days off.

The culture of 20 & C is based on three rules (currently).

① Always think about the optimal solution to realize the mission and act

② Make the maximum contribution to the achievement of the team's goals

③ Be sure to achieve the assigned responsibilities and goals

As long as these cultures are preserved, it is up to all twentymates to take vacations.

At 20 & C, we will continue to contribute to our clients and society by providing empowerment know-how and methods for our human resources in their 20s, and sharing the results of internal reform practices through our own "Next Innovation."

■ Operating company ・ Overview of 20 & C

OVER20 & Company.

Established: May 2018

President: Rika Ishido

Headquarters location: 4-3-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo Shiroyama Trust Tower 27th floor

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