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OVER20 is a startup that brings valuable change to individuals, organizations, and society through empowering 20-somethings to realize a world where everyone can thrive and shine.

These consist of providing a mentoring program, organizational consultants with a next-generation perspective, and a global community of 20-somethings who are our peers.


Some of the great people who have changed the world have had strong convictions from the time they were unknown, and have risen to charismatic status through their outstanding actions and power. Their commitment to their beliefs sometimes makes many enemies, and involves the courage to say "no," even if the opponent is a senior or powerful person. Their tremendous energy releases the power to move even the most common sense into the common sense of the future.


The energy generated from this unwavering belief gives hope to people, attracts many people, and can be the driving force that brightens the world.

We are convinced that this power is inherent in all people, and that the source of this powerful energy lies especially in young people in their twenties, who are just starting out in society.

OVER20 was born to unleash the feelings that fill the hearts of young people, to guide them toward the courage to carry on with unbending faith toward the future, and to accompany them as they take on the challenge of changing the world. Nurturing the energy of young people to create a bright and joyful world is the reason for our existence and our corporate philosophy.


I saw the potential in the world that OVER20 was aiming for, and grabbed a pen to come up with a design that was full of OVER20's hidden charms and ideas. Most people often hit a wall when thinking about something, trying to create something, or trying to accomplish something. I, too, was always lost when I was thinking about this LOGO Design. I wanted to stop thinking about it because I kept coming up with designs that didn't feel right. And then I decided to stop. I casually played my favorite movie "MATRIX" on TV and decided to spend some time in a daze. But there was a hint of Design hidden in that casually played movie. In the movie "MATRIX," the words ''Follow the white rabbit. In the well-known story "Alice in Wonderland," the key to the story is when the lost Alice is led to Wonderland by following the white rabbit. I began to think that the "White rabbit" might be the key to open the world that OVER20 is aiming for. I strongly felt that we, the members of OVER20, should become "white rabbits" and lead the way to a world full of color. We also wanted to express the EQ part of OVER20's business, "Mentor Workout. The resulting design is a simple representation of the ears of the "white rabbit" and the "heart" (emotion).

I realized that sometimes you can find a big clue by "stopping to think". There is no such thing as useless knowledge in the world, and all the information lying around becomes ideas. When you are confronted with society, you may give up on what you love, and the pressure of society may make you think that knowledge of what you love is useless. No matter how big the world becomes, no matter how much pressure you are under, there is no such thing as useless knowledge, and I want you to feel the beauty of pursuing what you love.

OVER20 is a company that takes the lead in moving forward so that we can create the "joy of living.


Follow the OVER20.

Let's create a life story you have not yet seen.




Because the values of the 20-somethings are constantly changing, we are always looking for new and better ways to provide our clients with the next generation of talent generation. To that end, we are bringing in new talent, updating our skills, and developing new capabilities as we accumulate data.


We are available at all levels of your organization, either as a trusted partner to top management or as a hands-on mentor to frontline employees. We partner with you to implement our recommendations, and in the long term, we work directly with our clients to help them improve employee skills, drive operational improvements, and apply new ways of doing business.


Whatever the challenge, our focus is on delivering practical and lasting results, enabling our clients to continue to develop and lead for the next generation.

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Company name   OVER20 & Company.

Established   May 2018

Business   Next-generation growth support business 


Representative Director   Rika Ishido/Tatsuya Itoi

Location   Shiroyama Trust Tower 27th Floor 3-1, Toranomon 4-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Virtual Headquarters   Space the Earth

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