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OT Community

Are you looking to start a life in Japan, but don't know where to begin?

You are in the right place!

The first step in learning about Japanese lifestyle, culture and opportunities is joining the OT Community.

Here you can connect with other community members and discuss relevant topics on our Forum for free!

If you would like to receive personalised support in your journey, sign up to our mentoring programme, where a professional Japanese mentor helps you every step of the way, from deciding what your best options might, to helping you write a Japanese style CV, prepare for job interviews or help you deal with the challenges of Japanese work culture!

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About the Community

By joining the OT Community, you are joining a vibrant group of young people with similar interests and motivations, and you gain access to OT Community events, as well as the support of a professional mentoring staff, who would all love to support you to achieve your full potential and to 20代から世界を変える!


What can you do in the community?


Make a Difference

Our mentors can help you identify exactly what you want and make the shift a reality, whether it's evaluating your present possibilities in Japan, building a career plan, preparing for a promotion, a change within your field, or a total career transition.



Want to put yourself in a better position to land that next promotion or stand out as a leading voice in your company and industry? We have multiple professional mentors on our staff who can help you improve your game, distinguish yourself, or continue to operate at your greatest level.



Learn the most effective strategies for prioritizing, setting healthy boundaries, asserting yourself, and managing your schedule, and most importantly, being comfortable with yourself.


Onwards + Upwards

Most people find it difficult to keep up with the rapid changes in employment. We assist our clients in uncovering the hidden possibilities of the Japanese job market and even having opportunities produced for them by teaching them cutting-edge job-search skills, smart networking, and informational interviewing strategies.

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Participate in one-on-one mentoring sessions with our professional mentors to get personalised support in your job-hunt and professional life.

The first trial session is free of charge. Book it now!

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