Mission Planet

A compass for life, necessary to create your own life in times of rapid change.

In mountain climbing, a route to reach the summit without getting lost

Are you prepared to lead your own life in today's information-rich society?

Mentor Workout (OVER20 style mentoring system) method, which has been introduced by J-League club teams and companies listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

The "MENTOR WORKOUT-style Original Curriculum" is offered only to those in their 20s to help them transform into the human resources required in the age of individuality.

In the past, there have been cases like this


Someone who has a goal and is moving straight ahead.

People who are confident and determined.

A person who always looks happy whenever you see him or her.

People who are growing bigger and better every time I see them.

People who can be "themselves" without comparing themselves to others.

Have you ever admired someone like this?


MENTOR WORKOUT formula Original Curriculum


More perspectives (group discussion)

The purpose of this course is to help students correctly select and discard information. We, in our 20s, live in a world where values and social systems that have been taken for granted are collapsing. By comparing the times in which our predecessors lived with the present day, we will gain a sense of "what is different is normal.

This course will provide you with the perspective necessary to consider whether or not this advice is truly applicable to the current era before taking it seriously, which is simply sharing the experiences of the past.

And those who are able to separate advice from different generations and different backgrounds will find curriculum 2) "Know Yourself" more effective if their mindset changes from "I want to know myself" to "I need to know myself" as we enter the 100-year age of life. 


Know Yourself(3 one-on-one sessions produced by MENTOR WORKOUT)

Curriculum 2, "Knowing Yourself," provides an opportunity to think about life and career through considering one's mission and vision. Even if you are in the same company, the reasons and motivations for working are not the same. Through dialogue with a professional third party, you will be able to uncover previously unnoticed "insights" and discover a more personal version of yourself.


Knowing Others (Group Discussion)

Provide an opportunity to express to others your mission and vision clarified in Curriculum 2, "Know Yourself. In addition to announcing their own departure on a high note, participants will also have the opportunity to be stimulated by the mission and vision of their peers who attended and completed the "Mission Academy" at the same time, and enjoy the diversity of the program.

You will find that if there are 10 of you, there are 10 different mission visions. And this is very important in order to break away from the uniformity of the "silver male democracy" of contemporary Japan.

3 Reasons Why Mission Academy is Chosen

Unparalleled track record as a corporate service

We have provided the "MENTOR WORKOUT" external mentoring service, which is the basis of the "Mission Academy," to many companies, including those listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Mission Academy is a service that takes our proven track record in the business-to-business domain and turns it into a service for working adults in their 20s (individuals).

More than 1,500 students


Satisfaction Level92

Selected mentors

Recruitment rate 4%

Only the 4% of mentors who have undergone EQ training in an original curriculum from which the MENTOR WORKOUT method is extracted and who have passed the mentor exam to support the unique concerns, challenges, and language of 20-somethings will provide services.

Our efforts to date have been featured in numerous media outlets as a leading-edge and proven service.

Reliable Media Track Record

Competitor Comparison


  OVER20 - Scholarship System

"OVER20-Scholarship system" is is a mutual aid ecosystem uniquely designed by OVER20 to popularize Mission Planet among pre-working people.

"OVER20-Scholarship system" is provide financial support from working adults who sympathize with the philosophy of "Mission Planet", and use this educational curriculum as a financial resource to spread this educational curriculum to japanese pre-working adults.

* It is also possible to take this course without using this system.


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