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Subsidiary Company with Low Employee Satisfaction Young Employee Awareness Project

An example of how a major group subsidiary that changed its evaluation system to a performance-based system was followed up to change the perception of low motivation specific to the subsidiary.

Project Background

A subsidiary of a major Japanese media group was considering following up with its employees in connection with a renewal of its evaluation system, following the precedent set by its parent company. The company had already held two separate information sessions for its employees, but felt that there were issues with lack of understanding of the system, motivation follow-up for younger employees, and information regarding the renewal of the training system, and requested assistance from Mentor Workout. In addition, the human resource manager wanted Mentor Workout to help establish autonomous thinking in response to a decline in employee satisfaction caused by "career plateauing unique to subsidiaries" among young employees.


The project team conducted depth interviews (insight surveys) with employees below the rank of general manager to ascertain the extent to which the evaluation system had penetrated the company. In addition, in order to help younger employees to think autonomously, the project team provided them with training opportunities by professional mentors during the depth interviews to help them shift from other-blame to self-responsibility (a subsequent internal questionnaire survey revealed that approximately 90% of the 42 employees showed behavioral change characteristics). (The results are shown in the following table).

Project Results

The client implemented internal policies in line with the recommendations of the insight study.

The client has also had great success with employees who have taken advantage of training provided by professional mentors, recording employee satisfaction (engagement score) figures that far exceeded even their initial maximum projections. In addition, the client company is using the information from the Insight Survey to create opportunities such as study groups for younger employees in this specialized area, seeking to expand sales and opportunities, and positioning the program as a foundation for future growth.


Keiko, Corporate Business Mentoring Director and Partner Professional Mentor, served as the project leader. This project had a two-member team consisting of a Partner and a Sr.


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