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Fehér Anna

Global community manager ,UK

Human Resource Development

Joining OVER20, Anna is the Global Community Manager for OT community, OVER20's first global community site for young people who want to make their mark on the world.


My life changed when I visited Japan for the Debate World Congress. I made friends with many people here. Using networks in Nigeria, Afghanistan, the US, Vietnam, Japan, and other countries, we are expanding our community. From there I became interested in the Japanese language and culture.

Europe is my home and Japan is my dream, so I would like to connect Japan and Europe. Ideally, I would like to connect the world, but that may be a bit too ambitious.

Going to Japan to debate has broadened my horizons and given me an international perspective. I joined OVER20 because I want to be able to connect with people all over the world and make a difference.

Why I choose OVER20

I decided to work for OVER20 because I wanted to work in an innovative environment and with people who wanted to make a difference.


I was anxious when I joined OVER20 because I was the first global member of OVER20, but I was more excited to be a part of OVER20. I am now on a mission to build a worldwide community of global talent in their 20s, and it is a very rewarding job. I receive a lot of support and positive information sharing from my colleagues and the atmosphere is great. It is very motivating to work with very motivated and kind people.

Life outside of work

I play field field hockey for the Hungarian women's national team. I also like to read, watch movies, and spend time with my dog, Nashi.

University of Cambridge

I described my paper on the Miracle of the Japanese Economy from the perspective of "roll with the long one". The main focus was on the Japanese management style and social structure that enabled the rapid growth of the Japanese economy. This proverb beautifully describes the flexibility and conflict avoidance skills of the Japanese people that enabled Japan to become a global power after World War II, and even before that, during the Meiji Restoration.

English, Japanese, German, Hungarian

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